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More Juice Blend

More Juice Blend

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TASTING NOTES: hazelnut, toffee, panela sugar

This blend gives you the zoomies.

Like a holiday in Italy, picturesque summers day in the alps, a nice hot machinetts (stovetop) waiting for you with your breakfast spread.

A kick up the booty that’ll make you go zoomy, it’s a sweet toffee apple, vanilla wafer surprise.

A bloody good milk coffee, it’ll cut through even the jumbo-est of mochas. Your lattes will taste like hazelnut praline.

The fuel that will get you on your bike riding across that velvety night sky, like Elliott riding with E.T in tow, with our lightning bolts a glowing, they’ll light up so we can see where we are going.

75% Brazil - Paubrasil (natural) 25% Ethiopia - Acacia (washed)

20 grams
45 grams
29 - 31 seconds

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